PRIME Railway NTPC Typing Package

PRIME Railway NTPC Typing Package
Price: ₹ 99
Number of Test Assignments:
About this Package:
This is a Computer based test and candidate should be adept at typing on a keyboard.
Candidates can take this test in English language only.
Candidates are required to type minimum 300 words in order to attain a minimum speed of 25 words per minute. The standard measure adopted in counting words types is @5 strokes per word.
Following keys have been disabled in the typing environment:
  • Backspace
  • Delete
  • Escape Key
  • All Function keys (F1 to F12)
  • TAB
  • Caps Lock
  • Ctrl key (Left and Right)
  • Windows key (Left and Right)
  • Insert
  • Home
  • End
  • Page Up/Down
  • Num Pad Keys (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,/,*,-,+,.,Enter)
5% mistakes of the total words typed will be ignored and thereafter for every full or half mistake, corresponding words will be deducted from the total words typed for arriving at the final speed.